Sponsored Students

Catherine Katese

Catherine is one of six children living with an unemployed single mother. Her father passed away when she was young, leaving behind two wives and thirteen children. Catherine’s sisters and brothers all went to school as long as possible, but poverty impeded their ability to even afford food, let alone pay their school fees. Despite her passion for learning, Catherine would not have been able to continue her education. However, with a scholarship from MGEF, she is now continuing her studies at Baraka Oontoyie Secondary School.

Felister Naisoi

Felister belongs to a family of 11 children. Her father is the only financial support for the family and struggles to pay for even the most basic necessities. To add further financial strain to the family, Felister’s father is chronically ill and must dedicate a portion of his income to medical expenses. Though Felister is determined to continue her education, Felister’s family’s extreme poverty has frequently left her unable to pay for school fees. Felister is seeking your support to attend secondary school and continue her studies.

Joy Naserem

Joy's father is a minister in a sparsely populated area. His family is completely dependent on parishoners who can barely support their own families' needs. An MGEF scholarship has guaranteed Joy the opportunity to lift herself and her family out of poverty through education.

Linet Piraon

Linet and her four siblings lost their father in 2005 and have since relied completely on their single, unemployed mother. The family’s sole source of income comes from selling livestock, a trade affected by long droughts and dry seasons. Faced with financial instability, Linet sought support from MGEF in early 2016 in order to attend secondary school.

Lornah Pilale

Lornah is one of 15 children born to one of her father's three wives. Her mother is uneducated. Lornah's father does not believe in educating girls and married off his eldest daughter at age 16. The family is extremely poor, and the prospect of a dowry of cows, goats, and cash in such a family places Lornah at high risk of an early marriage. Lornah is able to go to school and avoid the fate of her elder sister with a scholarship from MGEF.

Mercy Mbaika

Mercy is an exceptional student. Earning 378 marks out of 500 when she sat for the KCPE exam in 2015, Mercy hoped to advance to secondary school. However, both of her parents are unemployed and could not afford to support her education. In 2016, MGEF accepted Mercy as a scholarship recipient. Determined to succeed in school, Mercy dreams of becoming a doctor.

Mercy Tomonik

Mercy belongs to a family of eleven children. Her parents are illiterate and unemployed, having sold all of their cattle to pay for family necessities. Mercy's two older sisters never enrolled in school and were both married off, at 12 and 15 years old. All of Mercy's older brothers have their own families, leaving Mercy and her younger brother to live alone with their elderly parents and a sister. The children rely entirely on money generated from their mother's traditional Maasai "shukas" to eat and live. Awarded an MGEF scholarship in 2013, Mercy is now able to continue her education.

Zainab Sempeyo

Zainab’s father suffers from an illness that prevents him from working and forces the family to dedicate a large portion of their income to his medical expenses. Her father’s illness has a profound psychological effect on her mother, who also does not work. Before receiving her MGEF scholarship, Zainab was dependent on the charity of others for school fees through grade four. By grade five, Zainab had no means to continue her education and was on the verge of dropping out of school when MGEF began sponsoring her in 2011. Zainab did well through primary and secondary school. In the autumn of 2019, she was accepted to AMREF International University to study nursing.