In Need of a Sponsor

Abigael Siantei

Abigael is a sixteen year old girl who came to MGEF in 2014. She is the second youngest of six children born in a traditional Maasai family. Her father is polygamous, and her birth mother is the second of three wives. Her father is illiterate and blind, making him unable to work. Her mother, also illiterate, tends to the family’s daily needs and chores. Abigael's older sister was circumcised and married off to an older man in a remote village. Only two months into the marriage, she ran away and remains in hiding. Abigael’s brother did not want the same fate for Abigael because she was a very bright girl and loved school. He believes strongly in the importance of an education, but he could not raise the funds for her to go to boarding school. MGEF accepted Abigael into the scholarship program in 2014, and now, in 2018, she is still thriving and has started secondary school.

Annah Naserian

Annah comes from a family of nine children, five girls and four boys.  Her father had high hopes for Anna because she did very well in school.  Annah came home one day from school to find her mother had left her father with all nine children.  Her youngest brother was only 11 months old.  Annah's older brother gave up school to take care of the youngest sibling.  Annah stayed in school until Form 2 (10th grade), to which she was sent home due to lack of school fees.  She ran away at this point, because her father had become very bitter and mean to the children.  She married in order to survive and had a child.  Her new husband was an alcoholic and was an abusive man.  She ran back home and asked her father for forgiveness. He would take her in, but would not help her with school fees.  She came to MGEF and filled out an application.  She was accepted and is happy to be able to continue her education.

Beatrice Nasalula

Beatrice Nasalula is one of three sisters who together came to MGEF in need of sponsorship. With nine children in total, her family could hardly pay for basic necessities, much less school fees. She and her sisters attended school only when they could piece together enough money to pay for a few months at a time. Beatrice yearned to return to secondary school full-time in order to concentrate on her studies uninterrupted. An MGEF scholarship has now enabled Beatrice to stay in school and pursue her dream career in Community Development. She is currently enrolled at St. Clare Girls Secondary School.

Celestine Seleto

Christine Tinde

Christine's father abandoned the family when Christine was very young, and her mother earns a meager living selling beads. Their only cow- a form of currency for the Maasai- died during a severe drought, and the family’s goats were sold to pay school fees. When all the livestock had been sold, Christine could no longer afford to attend school. However, after being granted an MGEF scholarship at the beginning of 2016, Christine will be able to realize her dream of being educated.

Dapash Tipape

Dapash is one of nine children in an impoverished and struggling household. With only three goats and a father who is unemployed, the children regularly spend their school breaks working to make ends meet. Dapash’s mother collects firewood daily, carrying it 30 kilometers to and from Tanzania to sell. The little money she earns is used to buy food and can provide little else. In Form 2, Dapash’s education was threatened by her family's poverty. In January of 2016, MGEF granted Dapash a scholarship to continue her education.

Esther Topisia

Esther was born in 1999 and is the oldest of six children. Her family is extremely poor and depends on relatives to survive. Esther was brought to MGEF's attention by a local area chief and now attends Moi Girls Secondary School under an MGEF scholarship.

Evaline Nanana

Evaline’s father married 3 wives and supports 22 children. In primary school, Evaline was a hardworking student who performed well academically. Because her family was unable to pay for secondary school, Evaline was forced to leave school in 2014. In 2016, after her father sold the family’s only cow to pay for school fees, Evaline managed to join the Olooseos Secondary School to continue her studies. However, due to her family’s poverty, Evaline was in danger of marriage. After joining MGEF, Evaline is now getting the education she and her family worked so hard for.

Faith Mpaayo

Faith is a 17 year old girl, who comes from polygamist family of three wives and 13 children with seven brothers and five sisters. Faith is the only girl to have gone to school out of all of her sisters with only one brother managed to make it through primary school. Three of the five sisters have been married off. Faith’s father is unemployed and her mother works odd jobs when they are available. Faith’s mother has tried very hard to put her to school because she believes in Faith and thinks she will be the person to bring the family out of severe poverty. Faith graduated from primary school in 2014, and her mother worked very hard to put her through form one of secondary school. She had to drop out of school after form one because her mother could not find the tuition money for form two. Faith went home to a very harsh life of severe poverty, where the family often went through several days without food.

Hillary Naana

Hillary was left in the care of her grandparents when she was a year old. Hillary continues to live with her grandparents, who are very poor and still have their own children at home to care for. In January of 2011, when Hillary's grandparents could no longer afford to send her to school, MGEF began supporting Hillary's education.

Ivy Sankale

Ivy is a 19 year old girl who comes from a small family consisting of a single mother and one sister.  She has never known her father.  Her mother has struggled to keep her girls fed and sheltered by washing clothes.  Often Ivy and her sister went to bed hungry.  

Jackline Naisoi

Jackline’s father has four wives and many children. He is blind, limiting his capacity to work, and completely neglects Jackline’s mother and her children. Jackline's mother is uneducated and does not earn a steady income, making it very difficult to support her children. When Kenya imposed new regulations for attendance at school, Jackline and her sisters were given the opportunity to receive an education. However, the family’s extreme poverty made it impossible to pay for school. After receieving an MGEF scholarship in 2014, Jackline is continuing her studies. She hopes to use her education to lift her family out of poverty.

Jennifer Moisasi

Jennifer was raised in a farming household by a single mother. While her mother struggled to pay for her primary and secondary education, Jennifer worked hard in school. She earned high scores on her final exams and was accepted to St. Mary's Nursing School in 2015. However, without a scholarship from MGEF, Jennifer would not have been able to pursue the last and most important phase of her education. Now, Jennifer is happily continuing her education at nursing school and is one step closer to realizing her dream of becoming a nurse.

Joynice Nateyian

Joynice’s father is married to 3 wives and has 21 children. Joynice's father has already forced five of her sisters to drop out of school and get married. Despite doing well on her exams, Joynice faced the same fate. In June 2016, Joynice joined MGEF as a sponsored student and is now continuing her education without fear of an early marriage.

Lilian Mereina

Lilian is from the Mashuru Division of Kajiado. She was required to stay home for a few years and work to support the family, as her parents did not earn enough money on their own selling charcoal. Lilian is committed to finishing her secondary school education and dreams of attending university.

Mary Nolari

Mary is an eighteen year old girl, who lives with her single mom and 2 siblings. Mary's life has been one of violence as her father is an abusive man with a drug and alcohol problem. When Mary was a young girl, her mother left her father because of the violence but later returned to him. Finally, she left him for good when he threatened to kill her with a knife. Her mother does odd jobs to support the three children. She has tried to keep them in school but most of the time is unable to pay the school fees.

Vivian Lenkoilelio

Vivian is a 14 year old girl who comes from polygamy family with nine children. Vivian's parents are not employed and cannot read or write. They rely on a few goats and sheep to survive. The local chief found Vivian herding the goats and asked her why she was not in school. He spoke with her parents and found out she did very well in primary school, but that they could not afford to send her to secondary school. Vivian is a very smart girl and the chief felt she should be in school. The chief brought her to a board member, who brought her into the office to fill out an application. Vivian was accepted into MGEF's Scholarship Program January 2019. She now goes to school without fear of being sent home due to lack of school fees.