Accounting Procedures

MGEF is a 501(c)(3) organization, and donations are tax deductible. We have created a system that ensures that donor funds are spent as specified. In all aspects of our work, detailed documentation is required, from the student applications to the cost of education. Applicants for scholarships are selected by Kajiado board members, after verifying the financial or cultural need as presented in the application and a visit to the applicant’s family.

Financial Breakdown



MGEF staff meets every student, visits schools regularly to talk to teachers and students, and receives reports from schools every term. All Kajiado organization expenses are paid by check, whenever possible. Copies of the checks and all receipts are submitted to MGEF monthly and reviewed. All school fees are paid directly to the schools, after receiving official school fee statements from the schools.

Efficient Operations

MGEF is audited every year by an independent accounting firm. Below are copies of our most recent audited statements and Form 990.