How to Sponsor a Girl

how-to-sponsor-a-girl-imgSponsorship is a long-term commitment to the complete education of a student through vocational school, college, or university. Sponsors receive a photo of their student every year, and can exchange letters with her. All sponsored students receive stationery to write to their sponsors. And if a visit to Kenya is in your travel plan, you will be able to meet her and visit her school as well.

The total annual cost to sponsor a student is:
Primary- $1,200
Secondary- $1,200
Postsecondary- $2,500

This cost is all-inclusive, as MGEF provides all that a student needs to succeed in school. Secondary school graduates have three possible options, depending on their performance on national tests at the end of their fourth year: certificate, diploma, and degree. All programs will prepare them for the workforce in Kenya.

If you are interested in making this commitment go to the how you can help section or sponsor a girl page.

General Scholarship Fund

general-scholarship-fund-imgNot everyone is able to make a long-term commitment to sponsor a student, so we have established a General Scholarship Fund to offer scholarships to girls without having to find a sponsor first. This gives MGEF the ability to respond quickly to emergency situations, and has saved many girls from forced marriages, or from having to drop out of school because of poverty. The General Scholarship Fund is a pool of donations designated for education costs, but not for a specific student, and supports over half of our students from primary school through university.

Please consider making a donation to the General Scholarship Fund.

Scholarship Costs


Scholarship costs vary from school to school and with the changes in the Kenya Shilling exchange rate.

For sponsorship options and costs:

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