Gravity Payments (Payments by Credit Card)

Our mission at Gravity Payments is to treat nonprofits and independent business owners better and more fairly than others in our industry. Small businesses and non profits provide so much richness to our communities but are often overcharged and underserved. We wanted to give back to these businesses that have given us so much, so we started Gravity to reduce the cost and headaches associated with accepting credit card payments.

Another great way we’ve been able to give back is donating 10% of our company profits back to the community through our annual “Gravity Gives” program. This program divvies up the total amount we are donating by the number of employees we have. Each employee then gets to decide to which charitable cause their share will be donated to. Donate with your credit card through Gravity Payments to support the Maasai Girls Education Fund.

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Make a donation through PayPal directly from your bank account to MGEF, or with your credit card. PayPal offers a safe, convenient way for you to make a donation to support girls’ education from anywhere in the world. PayPal accepts currencies from 23 countries and will ensure payment to MGEF in US dollars. More convenient for you and for MGEF. PayPal provides worldwide financial services to individuals and businesses in many countries. PayPal ensures secure international monetary exchanges, as well as within country transactions.

Through a donation to MGEF can be charged to your credit card. Nearly 1.5 million charities use JustGive throughout the world. JustGive provides you with a personal Giving History to track your donations for tax time and organize your personal philanthropy. JustGive provides detailed information about The Maasai Girls Education Fund. You can make multiple donations in one transaction, donate anonymously and set-up recurring donations. Click here to go to the JustGive site.

Donations Via Check

Please designate how you would like your donation applied– towards a sponsorship, the General Fund, the Barbara Lee Shaw Memorial Fund, or one of our many outreach programs or workshops.

Click here to download the donation form. Please print and submit it with your check.

Make checks payable to:
Maasai Girls Education Fund
Mail check to:
Maasai Girls Education Fund
5800 MacArthur Blvd, NW
Washington, DC 20016-2512

Combined Federal Campaign

The Maasai Girls Education Fund is a member of the Combined Federal Campaign. If you are a federal employee in the U.S., you can give through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), the annual workplace charity drive that the federal government runs every fall.
On your pledge form, which you will receive at work, designate your contribution to:

Maasai Girls Education Fund and write in our CFC number: 11265.