Grace Lasoi

Grace was one of the first four girls sponsored by MGEF. Neither of her parents could provide financial support for her education. With an MGEF scholarship, Grace completed her secondary school education in 2014 and began a post-secondary degree in 2016.

Magdalene Muriet

Magdalene's father is unemployed, so she and her three siblings depended on the small income their mother earned by making and selling jewelry. Magdalene began her education at a local primary school, performing so well that a relative paid for her to attend Isinya Primary Boarding School. After she completed primary school, Magdalene had no way to pay for secondary school and stood at great risk of being married off by her father. However, Magdalene's fate changed when she received an MGEF scholarship. Under MGEF's sponsorship, Magdalene graduated from Machakos University College with a certificate in Early Childhood Development. She also completed a diploma from the Maasai Technical Training Institute in Machakos.