Flora Nanoyia

Flora Nanoyia

January 2020

Flora is a 14 year old girl who comes from a very poor family. Her father is deceased and her mother does odd jobs to put bread on the table. They have no livestock except a couple of calves. Her uncles decided to marry Flora in order to receive some cows, but her mother brought her to a local rescue center that is also a school. The rescue centers can only keep these girl for so long and Flora eventually reached her limit. She was to be sent home, but her teacher pleaded with the school authorities to keep her in school. They complied and last year she was able to graduated from primary school with very high marks. Flora then found herself at home with no chance of going to secondary school. Her mother contacted the local MGEF board member and she was accepted to MGEF’s Scholarship program in January 2020. She has started form one and loves her new school.

Date of Birth: 8/17/2006
Started Program: January 2020
Start Grade: 9th Grade (Form 1)
Current Grade: Pending Post Secondary

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