Workshops for Boys


workshops-for-boys-imgIn the Maasai culture, boys are more highly regarded and privileged, and they have been socialized to believe that they are superior to girls. Unfortunately, the result is that girls have been made to feel inferior. These culturally instilled attitudes have led to sexual violence against girls, and nonconsensual sexual relationships leading to pregnancy.


The goals of these workshops are to instill respect for girls and women and to reduce teen pregnancy, FGM, the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Boys will learn about how HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases are spread and how to prevent it, with emphasis on demystifying and destigmatizing the condom. They will learn how a woman gets pregnant. There will be discussion of the inequality of the consequences when a girl gets pregnant: the boy has no responsibility and goes on with his life; the girl has to drop out of school and be forced to marry any man who will take her, while the father has to settle for a lower bride price. The agenda will include discussion of child rights, the value of education, and respect for women.