Business Training for Women

business-training-for-women-imgMGEF launched Business Training for Rural Maasai Women in 2010 to reduce poverty and all of its consequences among the Maasai. This program provides business training, mentoring, and seed grants to a generation of women with a 20 percent literacy rate, and brings immediate results by giving them the means to generate sufficient income to provide nourishment, health care, and education for their families. Maasai women know how to work. They build the houses, and repair them; they haul the water and wood, build the fires, milk the cows and goats; they cook the meals, wash the clothes, care for the children. They grow maize, make charcoal to sell, and sell milk wherever they can. But none of these activities produces sufficient income to adequately feed and educate their children. The Rural Women’s Business Training gives women the means to start a business, and the know-how to make it a profitable enterprise. Thus far, 330 rural Maasai women have benefited from our Business Training and resulting in 66 women-owned and managed businesses.