Simantoi and Priscilla’s Graduation

In December 2011, MGEF students Simantoi Kilama and Priscilla Seet graduated from post-secondary institutions with degrees in psychology and teaching, respectively. To share their accomplishments, Simantoi and Priscilla invited the community to a celebratory event, held on December 28th, 2011. MGEF Kajiado staff came to honor Simantoi and Priscilla, capturing many beautiful moments along the way.

To begin, Simantoi greeted guests with an inspiring speech about her journey and the importance of girls’ education (below).

Later, MGEF Kajiado staff members Emily and Lucy visited with Simantoi and Priscilla (shown below, wearing traditional Maasai dress).

Finally, the Maasai women in attendence performed a song and dance to commemorate Simantoi and Priscilla (below).

We are so proud and happy for Simantoi and Priscilla and cannot wait to see what they accomplish next. Currently, Simantoi works as an HIV/AIDS counselor at Nairobi Hospital, and Priscilla has started a career in teaching. Both are making an immediate impact on their community, inspiring younger Maasai girls, and defying the barriers that threatened to keep them from an education. To see what other MGEF alumni are up to, click here!