Headbands on a Mission

bildeToday we are featuring a very special MGEF student sponsor. Mary Grace is a 15-year-old girl who has turned her talent and business savvy into a creative mechanism for funding girls’ education in Uganda, Kenya, Paraguay, and Haiti. Her business, Reverse the Course, sells handmade headbands and hair ribbons to accomplish one mission: to directly impact lives by assisting girls in under-developed communities attend school.

Initially, Mary Grace had a humble goal. She wanted to raise enough money to educate one girl. When Reverse the Course grew, she set her sights even higher. Mary Grace now strives to send 100 girls to school. MGEF students Peninah Nasae Neiliang, Irene Liteita Mamayio, Yiamoi Beatrice Kasairo, Sharon Meeli, and Winnie Lemayian are just five of many lives she is changing.

Find out all about Mary Grace, her journey to entrepreneurship, and where she developed her passion. Also, make sure you browse the Reverse the Course headband collection. Every single piece helps a girl go to school!