Scholarship Program



MGEF is committed to increasing enrollment of Maasai girls in Kenya and helping each student achieve economic independence by offering scholarships from primary school through secondary school, vocational school, or college. We have designed our scholarship program to provide broad benefits throughout Kenya’s Kajiado County where we work and to maximize the success of our students. Our scholarships are all-inclusive and include room, board, tuition, uniforms and supplies.

The scholarship application process is thorough and democratic.

MGEF works to get girls in school and to keep them there until they have the knowledge and skills to enter the workforce in Kenya. Once a primary school student receives a scholarship, she is enrolled in the qualified boarding school closest to her parents’ home to facilitate parental involvement in her education, unless she is at high risk of being married off. High-risk students board at schools with rescue centers, where they can stay during school breaks. Boarding schools must perform in the top one-third in their Districts. Secondary students must receive an invitation from a school before being admitted. MGEF staff in Kajiado works to get an invitation from the best school possible. After secondary school, MGEF works with every student to select the best post-secondary option, and to ensure that their choice of study has a viable job market in Kenya.

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