Sarah Letetia

Sarah Letetia

Sarah belongs to a big family; her father married three wives and has 21 children in total. Though Sarah’s mother supports the education of her daughters, Sarah’s father does not support their education. Due to this disagreement, he sent away Sarah’s mother and siblings. All of them went to stay with their uncle. In the spring of 2016, Sarah’s uncle expressed his support for her to undergo FGM. Sarah’s mother and elder sister helped Sarah escape and find refuge at the AIC Rescue Centre, where she continues to stay today. Currently in Grade 6, Sarah is seeking support to realize her dream of being educated.

Date of Birth: 2002

Started Program: January 2017

Start Grade: 6th Grade (Class 6)

Current Grade: 6th Grade (Class 6)

School: AIC Girls Primary Boarding School

Sponsored: Yes