Evaline Nanana

Evaline Nanana

Evaline’s father married 3 wives and supports 22 children. In primary school, Evaline was a hardworking student who performed well academically. Because her family was unable to pay for secondary school, Evaline was forced to leave school in 2014. In 2016, after her father sold the family’s only cow to pay for school fees, Evaline managed to join the Olooseos Secondary School to continue her studies. However, due to her family’s poverty, Evaline is in danger of marriage. Currently in Grade 9, Evaline is seeking your support to continue her education.

Date of Birth: 1997

Started Program: January 2017

Start Grade: 9th Grade (Form 1)

Current Grade: 9th Grade (Form 1)

School: Olooseos Secondary School

Sponsored: No