Mary Ntario

Mary Ntario

Mary is an eight year old girl who come from a polygamous family.  She is one of eleven children, with six brothers and four sisters.  She is a very bright girl but spends most of her time at home due to lack of school fees.  Her mother does odd jobs to provide food for the family and her father is physically handicap, which makes him unable to work.  The family suffers from extreme poverty and what little education Mary has received as been provided by well wishers.  Two of her sisters have already undergone FGM and have been married off and her mother fears Mary will suffer the same fate very soon.  Mary and her mother visited the office in January 2017 to ask for assistance and she was accepted into the MGEF family immediately.

Date of Birth: 06/1/2009

Started Program: January 2017

Start Grade: 3rd Grade (Class 3)

Current Grade: 3rd Grade (Class 3)

School: AIC Girls Primary Boarding School

Sponsored: Yes