Jackline Simeon

Jackline Simeon

Jackline’s father has four wives and many children. He is blind, limiting his capacity to work, and completely neglects Jackline’s mother and her children. Jackline’s mother is uneducated and does not earn a steady income, making it very difficult to support her children. When Kenya imposed new regulations for attendance at school, Jackline and her sisters were given the opportunity to receive an education. However, the family’s extreme poverty made it impossible to pay for school. After receieving an MGEF scholarship in 2014, Jackline is continuing her studies. She hopes to use her education to lift her family out of poverty.

Date of Birth: 2002

Started Program: 2014

Start Grade: 5th Grade (Class 5)

Current Grade: 7th Grade (Class 7)

School: Rombo Girls Boarding School

Sponsored: Yes