Jackline Nkapili

Jackline Nkapili

Jackline is the eldest of five children in her family. Her father passed away in 2003 and her mother is ill and unable to care for her children. Jackline and her siblings rely entirely on an uncle in order to survive. Despite her difficult situation at home, Jackline excelled in primary school, serving as “head girl” and scoring an impressive 329 points on her national KCPE exam. Her uncle, who has a family of his own, could not afford to send Jackline to secondary school. He submitted an application for assistance from MGEF and Jackline was accepted to the program in February 2013.

Date of Birth: 04/04/1996

Start Grade: 9th Grade (Form 1)

Current Grade: Post-secondary

School: Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology

Sponsored: Yes