Eunice Tepela

Eunice Tepela

Eunice belongs to a family of five siblings, four girls and one boy. Eunice’s father died last year from HIV/AIDS and her mother struggles to support the family with a job that does not pay enough to send her children to school. Two of Eunice’s sisters have already been married off due to a lack of school fees. Eunice’s uncle, who has been paying for her education, is the only person preventing this fate for Eunice. However, due to financial hardships of his own, he fears he may no longer be able to pay for his niece’s education. Currently a high-performing student in Grade 6 at Orine Primary School, Eunice is seeking help to continue her education and realize her dream of becoming a nurse.

Date of Birth: 2/2/2003

Started Program: January 2017

Start Grade: 6th Grade (Class 6)

Current Grade: 6th Grade (Class 6)

School: Orine Primary School

Sponsored: Yes