United States

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Tracey Pyles, President
  • Meitamei Ole Dapash, Director, International Coordinator, Maasai Environmental Resource Coalition
  • Charlene Ryon Goss, Director and Treasurer, Human Resources Manager, Retired
  • Jon Griffin, Director, Engineer, Retired
  • Jennifer Jopling, Director and Event Committee Co-Chair
  • Donald W. Kaniaru, Director, Advocate, former Senior Legal Adviser and Director, UN Environment Programme, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Terese J. Lilly, Director and Board Chair, Education Consultant
  • Kathryn Nelson-Indre, Director, Training Administrator, International Monetary Fund
  • Cassidy Paradis, Director, Granddaughter of MGEF Founder, Barbara Lee Shaw, Student, Brown University
  • Gabrielle Preston, Director, Student, Harvard University
  • Hannah Pyles, Director, Student, University of Colorado, Boulder, and Granddaughter of MGEF Founder, Barbara Lee Shaw
  • Sarah Foster Wetstone, Director and Secretary, Consultant, CPF Associates, Inc.
  • Durwood Zaelke, Director, President and Founder, Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development (IGSD)


  • Heather McKay, Executive Director

Maasai Girls Education Fund – Kajiado, Kenya

Board of Directors

  • Emily Sempeyo Aziz, Director, Central Division
  • Susan Masek, Director, Ngong Division, Teacher
  • Sophie Meeli, Director and Board Chair, Namanga Division, Teacher
  • Nancy Naserian Koinet, Director, Isinya Divison
  • Rebecca Parteli, Director, Magadi Division, Teacher
  • Janet Saigiulu, Director, Loitokitok Division, Teacher
  • Christine Saruni, Director, Mashuru Division, Teacher
  • Faith Sialala, Treasurer
  • Division Committees consisting of 49 members, and including 14 Maasai chiefs


  • Lucy Ntayia, Managing Director
  • Abigael Simaloi Pertet, Program Manager
  • Pacifica Ombwera, Office Assistant